Case Study

A Collection of Customer Success Stories

Scale up

From Cloud to on cloud we provided solution for one of the fastest growing bookkeeping firms. We have aligned our skilled team members to the requirement of scaling up within minimum possible days. Within two weeks we scaled up from 0 to 100 additional clients onboarding for the firm. This helped firm to have 70% plus cost advantage.

Tech Transformation

QBO to QBD desktop assignment was done for a technology firm who took our active and dedicated support to transfor one of the client’s entire QBO to a powerful QB enterprise solution. From very micro level adjustment, data entries to broader review till full implementaiton, our team members completed an entire several month’s worth job within a single month by saving over 65% cost for the firm.

Beyond Accounting

We supported tax professional and bookkeeping firms to provide effective solution for firm’s administration management in addition to our accounting outsourcing services. In this way firms could reduce 60% cost for general management.